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1. Basic situation of the enterprise

company profile:

Yangjiang Yangdong Tairui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013. It is a professional manufacturer of outdoor products. From the development of local high-end small knife screws in Yangjiang, it has invested in 12 precision automatic cam lathes. There are 6 lathes, 20 precision drilling and tapping centers have been invested, and now there are about 50 related equipments, and after 2015, resources have been devoted to the development of outdoor products. Currently, there are 4 design and development personnel, with independent research and development teams, And continue to invest in relevant testing equipment.

The company has a scientific research and development technical team, and with its excellent quality, good reputation and perfect after-sales service, has won praise from consumers, and works with WE knife, rike knife, FENIX, sharp, Kevin, CKF. CooYOO and other famous brands have reached a good long-term partnership, providing foundry and parts processing services.

2. New product development

     Since its inception, it has been committed to the development of new products, especially machining of outdoor titanium parts. For outdoor sports, mountain climbing, camping, survival, hiking, fishing, hunting, cycling and other fields.

(1) Tool accessories processing, titanium handles, screws.

(2) Development and design of tactical pens

(3) Whistle, hanging buckle, flashlight

(4) Bicycle titanium accessories

(5) Titanium tools, combined with multifunctional gadgets

3. Technical innovation

     The company attaches importance to independent innovation, establishes a research and development department, and achieves good transformation results through long-term independent research and development. It has obtained 13 patents including product appearance and utility models.

4. Quality Management

     After the establishment of the company, in order to continuously meet the quality requirements of customers, it has successively added relevant testing equipment. It is the first addition of projection testing equipment in Yangjiang processing enterprises, and has added tensile quantification equipment, altimeter and other detection quantification equipment for the detection of tool elasticity.

5. Talent team building

     So far, the backbone of the company on its team, including engineers, developers, 1 3 and 7 highly skilled technicians, quality control personnel 2, formation of the development of outdoor products, and customer drawings, conversion, product realization.

       The company pays attention to the construction of talent team. In order to train employees who meet the needs of the post, the company provides prenatal training for new employees.